Gracie Lu suffered from a stroke
and had to be hand-fed. Gracie
was fed every two hours and
given water with a syringe. She
was born without eyes and kidney
damage. We cared for Gracie for
eight years.
Helen came to us from the Animal
Protective League.  She had been
hit by a motor vehicle and suffered
with every bone broken in her face,
head and jaw.  She lost her eyes
and her teeth.  Helen required
several surgeries.
Harry came to us from the Animal
Protective League.  Harry had a
large wound on his side that required
surgery and a long recovery.  Harry
had weighed 12 pounds and now he is
24 pounds. Harry also suffered from
liver disease and heart worm.  Harry
has been here at Storybook Acres
for six years.
Eddie came to us with severe hoof
problems.  He was unable to walk
more than a few steps.  Fox news did
a story about Eddie and a wonderful
person came to our farm weekly to
help us treat Eddie.  Eddie is now
happy and can run around the farm.
Pongo and Holly came from the
Animal Protective League; both
have hip problems and are very
elderly.  We treat their hip pain
with whirlpools and homemade
braces. Holly also has very
limited eye sight.
Thelma has bone problems that
cause her joints to hurt and her
bones to break easily.  We whirlpool
her joints and use a homemade rub.  
We made braces out of PVC pipe to
support her bones as needed.
All our animals are seen regularly by our veterinarian (Greener Pastures.)    Our goal is to keep them free of pain
and allow them to have a comfortable life. The animals living at Storybook Acres are not caged or tied up.  They
are free to rest and to enjoy life on our 10-acre farm.
Shirley came to us with her sister Laverne.  
Shirley had bone and tendon problems.  The
tendons and muscle did not develop in her
back legs.  We exercised her on a large ball to
build up her muscles in her front legs. She
needed braces on her front legs for a short
time.  We made her artificial back legs out of
PVC pipe. Her first two years she was very
weak and spent her winters in the house warm
by the fire.  
Rosie is paralyzed at the hips.  
Redie Medical donated a hoyer
lift .  We were able to transfer
her, let her get up and expand her
Gus came to us after his leg had been shattered.  
We splinted his leg with PVC pipe before the
veterinarian could treat his leg.  Gus lived in our
kitchen for three weeks while we taught him to
walk and get up and down without assistance.  He
remained in a cast for 12 weeks.  Now we are
exercising him with large balls and walking. We
use massage and whirlpools to help him regain use
of his leg.  
We use braces, ace wraps for support, whirlpools,
massage and muscle rubs.  We have an exercise
yard which includes ramps and balls and weights.
We have several surfaces leading to the barn,
house and pasture.  This helps our blind animals
find their way around because they can hear and
feel the different surfaces
Our new clinic allows our doctors to
examine, treat and perform some
surgeries on-site.  The animals do
not suffer the stress of
transportation.  We provide 24-hour
care and now the animals are not
moved to another facility when they
require 24-hour care.
Pork Chop in her little bed in the kitchen.
The Types of Medical Care and Rehabilitation Given to the
Disabled Animals Living at Storybook Acres.
Goat Coats

We tried goat coats on our goats, but they
always got them twisted.

Now I cut the arms down on sweatshirts and
put their front legs through the arms and
they stay warm and safe.