The pups that live on Storybook Acres
Pongo has been with us for many
years.  She is blind and deaf.
Helen is just an angel.  Everything about Helen is wonderful.  She was found
by the APL after being hit by a car.  Her nose, jaw, eye sockets and every
bone in her head were fractured. After a long battle to live and emergency
medical treatment paid for by the Animal Protective League  she came to
live with us. She has required several additional surgeries since coming to
live with us.  She is blind and missing most of her teeth.  Helen cannot
breathe through her nose so she spends her sleeping time in dad's chair
because it's just perfect for raising her head and helping her breathe. Dad
gladly gives up his La-Z-Boy for Helen.  
Pongo: Died this year at the age
of 21.