Our mission is to care for and love all animals that come to
spend their lives on Storybook Acres.
We are devoted to prevent animal abuse and neglect.
There is a small European farm in Northeast Ohio where all the animals are real characters. They are loved and we care about
each and every one of them.
Many of our animals have multiple disabilities and we have found ways to help them live and enjoy their lives here at Storybook
Acres. They come to us from all over the nation with congenital joint deformities, shattered bones, blindness, deafness and
emotional scars. We give them medical care, rehabilitation and a safe environment.
Storybook Acres has an on-site medical clinic, rehabilitation center and acres where the animals are free to roam.  Our animals
are not stalled, tied up or caged.
furniture cream.

* A European farm is a farm where the farmers live closely with the animals.  In times past the animals lived under the main
farmhouse.  Storybook Acres animals are free to come to the doors of the farm house, nap on the porches and the main barn is
close enough for the farmer's wife to watch the animals from the kitchen window.

GUS came to us with a shattered leg.  Reportedly, four days before
coming to Storybook Acres he was kicked by a horse and had not been
treated.  He arrived crying and in a lot of pain. Since it was the weekend I
splinted his leg and started treating him with pain medication, antibiotics
and vitamin B.  His head smelled awful and he had a band around his horn.
He went in for surgery on his leg and head.  His leg was shattered in
several places and he had gangrene on his head. He's home now and he
feels much better.  He had a cast for 8-12 weeks and has only 70% use of
his leg.  

He loves being kissed and having his face rubbed. We love him so much
and we're so happy he came to us.