Shirley was a very fragile goat.  She has stopped eating
several times and the cold is life-threatening. Shirley was
unable to walk without braces and shoes.
Companion Animals:  Goats
require the company of other
animals as well as humans.  
Ideally goats love living with
other goats. When we receive a
goat with disabilities we also
purchase their sibling because
the bond is so strong between
Substitution Companion:  
Our goats have bonded with
our donkey and dogs.  
The story of Thelma and Annie

Thelma came to the farm without a companion.  She suffered from
joint disease. Although she played with the other goats during the day,
at night she was alone. As Thelma grew older she began crying at night.

One August day, a phone call came that a baby goat was suffering and
needed immediate care.  I brought Annie to the farm.  She was so
congested that she could not suck on a bottle and was so weak she
could not stand.

We cared for Annie in the house, keeping her warm and feeding her
with an eyedropper.  Each night, Thelma would come in and spend
time with Annie, and they bonded. By the time Annie was strong
enough to suck, Thelma began producing milk to feed her.  
Emily and the boys:

Emily lost her companion.  She became depressed.  
When Benny and Bailey came to the farm Emily  
adopted both of them.  Emily, like Thelma, started
producing milk to feed them, and she watches over
them day and night.