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Our special need animals.  See how they have overcome
their handicaps.  Each animal comes with their own story of
success.  They have overcome some very difficult handicaps to
become happy loving animals.  
Storybook Acres will remain their home; they will never be
given up, and they will never have to start over again.  

We thank everyone who buys our vegetables, our products and
books or gives donations.   Each dollar goes directly for the

The purpose of our rescue is to prevent animal abuse.  We
care for abused, neglected and handicap animals.  Their well
being is our main concern.   
Storybook Acres.  440-228-7990
We support the farm
on sales of our goat
milk soap, lotion,
shampoo and creams
She Ra has been found after 4 months of searching. We have her back because of my dedicated son, Clayton.  
He never gave up.  The countless volunteers, many we have never met, who searched and phoned in with tips.
I truly understand how devastating it is to lose an animal and live everyday not knowing where they are.
       This is how Clayton planned and executed the search, for anyone who loses an animal.
  • From the moment she was lost he searched and called for her.
  • He phoned radio stations to ask for help in searching for her.
  • The volunteer group walked the streets, putting signs on posts, going door to door and handing out papers with
    her picture and my son's phone number.
  • Clayton made of map of the area, with each phone call of a sighting of a German Shepard, he plotted it on the
  • She Ra was put on every lost pet sight  we could find.
  • He phoned the post office, transit drivers, rescues and police departments, asking for help.  
  • He went to pet sales at pet supplies stores, visited every rescue for 50 miles.
  • On weekends I went up to Ann Arbor and assisted him with searching
  • He narrowed down the search area to a 2 mile radius.  He began leaving food and dry blankets.
  • He purchased a camera and to our surprise, we had her on video, still wearing her red collar.
  • Clayton continued bringing her food and blankets.  People like Rachel and Kelly, watched her come and go and reported to
    Clayton her every move.
  • I purchased a large live trap and had it shipped to Ann Arbor and it was set up.
  • For one month, she would go in and get out before the door closed.  We continued to get daily videos of her.
  • One weekend we crawled down the paths she had made in the woods.  We found dog houses and food left all along the trails.
    People had been giving her food and shelter; people we had never met.  People who just cared about an animal that was lost in
    the woods.
  • Volunteers helped by looking at the trap and redesigning the trap door. They watched the cage from their offices.  They let food
    and gave us so much support and love.
  • A couple Fridays ago, I arrived in Michigan and Clayton and I went to the trap and  there she was.  She knew us immediately and
    was happy that we had found her.
  • She Ra suffered from a broken jaw that had healed misaligned.  Lost teeth, and a great deal of weight.
  • She home again on the rescue, under doctor's care and being fed several meals a day.  She has already put #15 on since her

IF you lose your pet and months past, don't give up.  So many people kept Clayton and I going with stories
of rescued pets months after they disappeared.
Peace and rest at length have come, All the
day’s long toil is past, And each heart is
whispering “Home, Home at last!