We are now a member of
  • Humane Society of the
    United States
  • Rural Farmers of
  • American Sanctuary
  • Conneaut Chamber of
  • Farm Bureau
  • Women's Business
    Owners of Ashtabula
1.    Heat lamp bulbs and flood light bulbs
2.    Cleaning supplies: bleach, towels, brooms, Dawn dish soap, Dawn dish soap, ammonia,
and mouth wash to spray on yard to control flies.
3.    Apples   • pears  •  bags of Ginger Snaps, pretzels and animal cookies
4.    Hay and straw  
5.    Volunteers that are willing to provide animal care and care of facility
6.     Volunteers that could help maintain the animal facilities.
7.    Donations to provide medical care, food and supplies
8.    Bandages, ace wraps, hydrogen peroxide, tape, duck tape, anti-fungal powder,
toothbrushes, Q-tips, Kleenex
9.   Red and White Paint and supplies,
grass seed.
Our Wish List
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The Conneaut Key Bank Employees came
to help on the farm.  They spent the day
getting the clinic painted, flowers planted
and trimming all the bushes.  
Thanks so much Key Bank.  
Our Gift Shop is Open
If you would like to phone ahead to make sure I'm there,
the number is 440-228-7990.
If I'm open and not in the store I might be with the animals.
Please honk your horn, phone me or use the intercom by
the door to let me know you are here.

Please do not plan to tour the farm unless
you have set it up in advance.  There are
times and situations when tours are

The animal's safety and welfare is always my
first concern.  
Our Christmas Eve Miracles:
Little Mary and Nicholas came to us very ill.  Kept in a stall after their birth without care.  
They are the worse case we have had admitted here. They are suffering from lack of milk and
food. Both have severe congestion and very high temperatures. Our little ones are getting
better very slowly but they are still very fragile.  I took them to the doctor and they had 4
shots each and we are giving them Vitamin B Complex and antibiotics daily here.  Mary
became very ill and required oxygen.
 Donated by the owner of Health Care Solutions.  Later
the doctor came to the farm and examined Mary.  The doctor felt the only hope for Mary was
to be admitted to the hospital and go into a oxygen tent, they plan to do a blood transfusion
and maybe a lung tube to drain the fluid.  Nick is still very congested but still here at the farm
being cared for.
January 1st, Mary came home.  She still needs oxygen at night and a lot of care.  The doctor
felt I could handle her health care that she is stable.  
Our gift shop offers our
goat milk products
Our goat milk anti-aging cream
story books
t-shirts and hats
handmade crafts
cloth bags with our animals' pictures
handmade dolls
wooden trucks
wooden carvings
Handmade jewery
I put gift baskets together at your request
for adults and children
Our old little barn has been torn down and a new larger barn sits in it's
place.  This summer's project to enlarge and improve the pastures, build
a new barn and plant gardens for the animals is almost completed.  This
was a $9000.00 project, the biggest undertaking yet for Storybook
Acres.  The funding was provided by the Robert Morrison Foundation
and the Kenneth Scott, a Keybank Trust.  
Our old pasture needed to be
enlarged because of added
population including horses that
required more room.  Although, even
the pigs are wearing a smile because
they more room to graze.  
Meet little Moe, Jimmy and Billy
Thelma's new wheels
Our Products are also located at

The Artistic Attic in Mayfield OH. On
Mayfield Rd. (Meet the Artists on
June 10th 6pm-9pm

Craft and Antique Mall in Painsville,
OH on Rt 2